About Screen Printing

Screen Printing (aka Silk Screening) is the process of pushing plastisol ink through a mesh screen directly onto garments (e.g. t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, jackets, hats, and bags). The screens are prepared so that they allow ink to go only through a portion of the screen. They are basically like film negatives, and also have to be developed like film. Each color of a design gets it’s own screen, so if you have a 3-color logo, that logo will be printed with 3 different screens.

We can print from one to six colors per design in multiple apparel locations (fronts, backs, sleeves, shoulders, legs, etc.) on any order quantity. See an example of a two-color print in the video below.

Pricing basically revolves around three key factors; number of pieces of apparel, number of print locations and number of colors in the design(s).

Screen printing is very cost-effective, easy way to advertise your message and strengthen your brand.

Screen Printing is a great process to use for things such as custom t-shirts along with many other types of custom apparel. If you are interested in any custom t-shirts or other apparel, please contact us below:

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