Websites: Do they help us?

Web presence and the “NEED” for an online brand has become all the rage. According to the masses, your company just CAN’T live without it. We get 1-5 calls per day from SEO solicitations and the ultimate google wizards, who have figured out the algorithm and can save our business listing. Our company has been in business for over 65 years, somehow without google. I am sitting here wondering if all this hub bub is worth the effort. I just wasted 2 hours of my work day, trying to convince YELP that our company name is Pro Knitwear not Proknitware and that we are currently located at 1250 Brookline Blvd.  

Anyone else feel me on this? What is most important, your pictures, your traffic, your social media, cause it appears the work you actually do and the positive impact you have on your community doesn’t play a role at all. We have a great story and history, we love our employees and want to provide the best in service and products that we can. But we left our Kardashian flash on the dance floor last night and got up this morning to COME TO WORK.

If you want our story GIVE US A CALL, we actually still answer the phone and our owner LUVS a good chat session. 

See you in the stands.