Mon – Fri 8am. to 4pm

How should I contact you?
412-388-1330 or 800-523-4155

Minimum number of pieces to order
12 pieces

Pricing or Quotes
A lot of people call requesting a quote however we decide our pricing based on the individual customer order

Do we sell online?
No we do not

Typical turnaround time?
We tell all of our customers that it typically takes about 2 weeks

Rush orders?
We do take all rush orders and will have them produced in the given time period requested

Mock ups?
We provide all of our customers a mock up so they are able to visualize their idea before we begin production

Preferred payment?
Credit card/check or over the phone

Do I have to provide you with my shirts?
If you would like you can, however we can order them for you from our suppliers