How To Buy From Us

Since we are not the kind of place where you can just walk in and pick something off the shelf, we thought it would be a good idea to describe the types of information we need from you in order to have the purchasing process go smoothly.

What kind of items you are looking for.

Do you want t-shirts, hoodies, hockey jerseys, polos, etc.? Give us as much detail as possible and we’ll help you pick out specific items.


Ideally, you would provide us with a specific type of artwork, namely artwork in a vector format. Artwork in a vector format is the best format for us because vector art can be scaled to be bigger or smaller without losing any detail. Some formats that vector artwork may come in are EPS, AI, and sometimes PDF (though PDF may not always be vector). The other type of art that can be given to us is bitmap (aka raster) art. This type of artwork is not preferred due to it being a fixed resolution. If you scale the picture up, you may lose detail. We can handle bitmap artwork, but the higher the resolution, the better. If it doesn’t have a high enough resolution, we can have an artist work on it. Some formats of bitmap artwork are JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and many more. If we need to recreate artwork to be able to use it, or if we are to create artwork from scratch, that will incur an artwork fee. The best place for you to find what we’re looking for is likely the person who originally created your artwork.


Pricing is highly dependent on the number of items you are ordering.


Will there be names/numbers that are different on each item? This applies mostly to athletic apparel, but is not exclusive to athletic apparel.

If you would like to purchase from us, you may contact us at 412-388-1330 or at We also have a quote request form, located here: Quote Request