When we set up team stores for a group or organization. They often want to have many different types of items and logos and such. The more items and logos create a difficulty for us. We don’t charge customers to create a team store, but the more logos and items require more setup and processing time. It’s usually worth it to make the customer happy, but I’ve been thinking about how this works psychologically lately from the perspective of those who are buying from the team stores.

When asked, I’m sure almost anyone would say that they would prefer to have lots of options for what to buy. Of course you’d want a ton of options to make sure you get exactly what you’d like to get. However, I think this is a trick of the mind. I’ve noticed that webstores with fewer options do just as well and often better than webstores with a lot of options. Mainly in regard to number of items on the store.

There’s this concept called choice paralysis. Basically, it’s harder to make a choice the more options there are, which can be discouraging. It seems counterintuitive, but I’ve read that people are usually happier when offered fewer options.

This concept applies to our regular sales as well. The sales team here at Pro Knitwear can find an incredibly large amount of different items that you might like, but it’s our job to sort through the mayhem to send you a small selection that may suit your needs. We try to prevent that choice paralysis. We don’t consciously think of that as being our job, but it definitely plays an important role. I think we should work towards trying to do that for our team stores as well. Not just to simplify how we do things, but because it would give people a better experience, and I’m willing to bet that the team stores would do better than ever if we tried to push fewer options.

We could even have premade templates where groups could simply select a loadout of items for their team store, and we simply pop their logo on the items and get the store going. It would simplify and speed up the process for everyone, and I think it would work exceptionally well. Of course, we’d still have the other option of the old way of building the team stores. We want to make our customers happy first and foremost, and if they want a complex team store, we won’t say no as long as it’s reasonable. They are a free service we offer, so things can’t get too crazy, but complexity is certainly an option when desired.

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