Team Stores are a great way to place group orders with us. They are an excellent choice for school athletics, businesses, and other groups. Timing may vary, but a team store usually runs for 2 weeks, and then it takes 2 weeks afterwards to process orders. When the orders are complete, they are individually polybagged or boxed, and then either picked up by someone from your organization to distribute, or shipped directly to the customers. The distribution method is your organization’s choice. We can usually have a team store up in a week from when the process starts, assuming quick communication.

Some guidelines for team stores:

Group Size:
We find that groups of less than 50 people don’t usually have successful team stores. This isn’t always the case, especially if there are mandatory purchases, but it’s a general rule of thumb. Feel free to give us a call if you have questions about this.

We prefer that team stores to do at least $1,000 in gross sales. Team stores usually have a profit per piece that goes to your organization for fundraising purposes, and if the store doesn’t do well enough, we may need to keep some or all of this profit to cover setup. The exact amount of gross sales needed to receive the full profit is at your sale rep’s discretion. The vast majority of stores do more than $1,000, so this is usually nothing to worry about.

Possibility of Refunds:
If the gross sales for a team store are less than $400 or so, we may need to refund all of the orders for a store. This depends on the complexity of the store though. At what point refunds occur are at your sales rep’s discretion.

Please fill out this application if you are interested in a team store:

A required purchase is an item or group of items, such as a uniform, that your group will be required to purchase through the webstore.