Terms & Conditions

Returns & Exchanges

Returns are only permitted in cases of manufacturer defect due to the custom nature of items. Some examples of defects are printing errors, physical damage to items (e.g. rips), and incorrect sizing. In the case of incorrect sizing specifically, this is determined by whether the item matches the sizing chart provided on the item page (within reasonable tolerances). Exchanges may be permitted in the event of a defect, but not always. Sometimes we may only offer a return depending on a number of factors.

Order Cancellation

An order may only be cancelled before a webstore (or a batch of a webstore for multi-batch webstores) closes. Once a webstore (or batch of webstore) is closed, orders are no longer eligible to be cancelled or refunded (except as stated in the Returns & Exchanges section).

Further Customization

Items that offer name and/or number customization will be uniformly customized across all orders. You cannot specify an alternate placement or other specific alterations for an addition due to the standardized nature of the process.


In the event of a backorder from one of our vendors, we may substitute items of a similar quality and type. For example, if a certain color of item is not available, we may substitute for a similar/neutral color.

We may also substitute decoration processes if need be for production purposes. For example, embroidery could be switched to screen printing or vinyl under certain circumstances.


Dates stated on the webstores are only estimated dates. Due to possible production issues that may arise, these dates may be moved at our discretion.

Accidental Double Purchases

If you accidentally purchased items again thinking your first transaction didn’t go through, we can refund you only up to the point at which the webstore closes, which may not necessarily be the official date. Please email or call us if you aren’t sure if a purchase went through or not. We can check very easily in order to avoid this issue.

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